Hi, I'm Daxle
UX researcher at The Inclusive Group

I'm about harvesting data, uncovering patterns, and gleaning insights.



Image by Matt Collamer
Punk Girl
Craft Beer & Food Truck - Pontevedra 2019_edited.jpg


We've all walked by a person in need and wished we could offer more than a smile or a handful of change. Give/Get makes it easy to gift our unhoused neighbors exactly what they need.

DIY Merch

Wearing the same shirt as everyone else at the show? So not punk. But screenprinting your own shirt takes too much time and resources. DIY Merch is a fast and easy way to make custom merch.

Fast Eats

Where's your favorite food truck right now? Will they be out of fish tacos by the time you get there? Fast Eats will help you figure out all the details, and have your order ready for pick up right when you need it.